Can I take CBD on holiday?

Can I take CBD on holiday?

If you’re heading off on holiday and worried you can’t take your CBD oil with you, fear not, there are many countries that now allow CBD, just double check with your destination ahead of flying.

Unfortunately, CBD is still not legal in some countries. Therefore, whether you can safely travel with it to other countries will depend on your destination country’s laws.

CDB is 100% legal in the UK. That’s as long as it contains less than 0.2% THC Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and comes from a government-approved strain of hemp. The level of legal THC can vary slightly from country to country so it is always best to double check with your airline provider and customs officials of your chosen destination to avoid any unnecessary hassle, delays or inconveniences. It's also vital to take into account any countries where you may stop over during your journey. Even if you’re only within their borders for a matter of minutes between flights, you are still liable for your baggage contents.

CBD is still illegal in some countries, such as Saudi Arabia and Russia. Furthermore, some countries like Denmark and Australia need you to have a prescription to cross their borders with CBD.

Flying with CBD

If your CBD product is liquid, like a CBD tincture or topical, check the size of your bottle before packing it in your carry-on luggage. Most airports impose fluid restrictions, and if your bottle exceeds the maximum size, it won’t be allowed on board, regardless of if it’s permitted or not.

With gummies and other edibles, you’ll want to check that your product is not over the legal limit for carrying food products on a plane. Each country has different regulations, so verify with your destination country before packing your CBD gummies. If you’re unsure, consider packing them in your checked bag.

It’s always best to keep your CBD product in its original packaging. That way, it’s easier for airport security to identify what it is correctly. Not only will this help to avoid any misunderstanding, but it will also reduce the chances of your CBD products being confiscated. The original packaging should have a list of ingredients, which is useful if there are any questions about the THC content or other ingredients.

Flying with CBD isn’t as complicated as it may seem if done correctly. By practising safe and smart packing techniques, knowing the laws of your destination country, and remaining polite when dealing with security personnel, you should be able to fly with your CBD without any issues. If you’re still worried about flying with CBD, you can always reach out to the airlines or airport security for more information. Furthermore, consider purchasing CBD UK products once you arrive to avoid any potential issues.

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