Relax CBD Pulse Point Oil Sale
Stress & Anxiety
Relax CBD Pulse Point Oil

Relaxing essential oils including Lavender. Easy roller ball application.

£8.00 was £20.00

CBD Blemish Treatment Gel Sale
Acne & Blemishes
CBD Blemish Treatment Gel

Reduces the appearance of blemishes and sebum production.

£10.00 was £20.00

Relax CBD Sleep Spray Sale
Better Sleep
Relax CBD Sleep Spray

Relaxing sleep mist with essential oils including Lavender.

£10.00 was £20.00

CBD Rub Ease Gel - 500mg Sale
Muscle & Joint Pain
CBD Rub Ease Gel - 500mg

Cooling CBD and Manuka honey muscle gel reduces inflammation.

£12.50 was £25.00

Relax CBD Bath Oil Sale
Stress & Anxiety
Relax CBD Bath Oil

Contains essential oils to purify skin and relax body and mind.

£12.50 was £25.00

Intense CBD Rub Ease Gel - 1000mg Sale
Muscle & Joint Pain
Intense CBD Rub Ease Gel - 1000mg

High Strength formula. Reduces muscle inflammation.

£15.00 was £30.00

Calming CBD Face Serum
Acne & Blemishes
Calming CBD Face Serum

A super light serum for blemish prone skin. Helps to re-balance the skin


Calming CBD Gel Cleanser
Acne & Blemishes
Calming CBD Gel Cleanser

Melts away impurities. Purifies blemish prone skin.


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What's so special about our CBD products?

How is our CBD made?

To make our CBD isolate, first we start with the highest-quality industrial hemp extract. Next we purify and refine the extract to transform it into CBD isolate before being formulated into the finished product. We have full traceability of our ingredients from end-to-end under our Farm to Pharm promise.

Is CBD legal?

This is one of the most common questions we are asked. Yes, CBD is legal as it is regulated as a novel food ingredient in the UK. Other countries have their own regulations.

Will I test positive on a drug test from CBD isolate?

No. Because we remove the THC in the purification process, using CBD isolate-based products will not result in a positive drug test.

Does your CBD isolate contain THC?

No. Our CBD isolate is highly purified to contain no detectable amount of THC.

How to ensure you’re buying Genuine CBD

CBD is most commonly sold in the UK as a food supplement or a novel food, meaning that it must be labelled as such, even if the product takes the form of an oil, chewable vitamin, or solid supplement.

Under EU labelling laws (which the UK still currently follows after Brexit), food supplements can only make health claims on pack which are part of a pre-set list.

As CBD (and Manuka honey) are not currently on this list, there is no formal health claim which can be written on a CBD pack in relation to the CBD content itself. The only exception is if the product has added ingredients (like for example Vitamin C) which do carry a health claim. 

Examine the label of your product carefully to ensure that it is not making any irresponsible claims and complies with UK law.

Make sure you do your research on the brand itself to ensure it’s a genuine, reputable company. For example, all Manuka Pharm honey is sold in Holland & Barrett health food stores across the UK, where it has been a mainstay on shelves for over 10 years.

Can you trace your batch to view the testing certificates for your product? Were they undertaken at independent labs? And are they transparent and easy to view? All Manuka Pharm products can be checked in this way online. Use our Trace My Batch feature to find out more.

Finally, does the brand carry any independent experts to support them? Manuka Pharm is proudly backed by our Authority Panel. Which you can read about on this website.