Why should you be taking CBD this summer?

Guest post by

Mark Dale

Mark lives by the sea and writes about natural products, health and wellbeing for a wide range of publications.

Author views are not our own.

Why should you be taking CBD this summer?

Guest post by

Mark Dale

Mark lives by the sea and writes about natural products, health and wellbeing for a wide range of publications.

Author views are not our own.

Flip-flops, sunscreen, CBD? Thanks to media interest, and celebrity advocates like Kim Kardashian, many people are adding CBD to their list of summer wellbeing essentials. CBD, or cannabidiol as it’s officially known, is a natural compound that comes direct from hemp plants. It’s 100% legal in the UK (as long as it comes from regulated sources) and is increasing being used for its therapeutic properties.

So how could it support you to have a happier, less stressy holiday season?

Here’s some of the main scientific benefits.

1. Managing summer anxiety

From last-second holiday packing to coping with FOMO over your friends’ Insta feeds, summer can be a stressful time. The chances are you already have solutions for handling that stress: like switching out caffeine for water and making sure you’re getting enough anxiety-busting cardiovascular exercise like running or walking.

And there’s good evidence CBD can help too. A study published in the journal Neuropsychopharmacology looked at its effect on people with social anxiety and found that it appeared to reduce their nervousness before a public speaking task. Which means that it could well play its part to help soothe any summer worries for you as well.

2. Help you sleep through summer nights

Everyone loves warm summer evenings. Yet getting enough shut-eye to recharge during sweltering nights can be trying. Even if you’ve opened your windows and cooled the sheets, sleep can be elusive. But CBD could help with this as well.

In trials, one of the side-effects of CBD oil for some people is drowsiness. So taking it before bed can actively help get you to sleep. Plus another study discovered that compared with a placebo, CBD increased the duration of sleep – helping you feel rested and restored for the next day.

Try Manuka Pharm High Strength 1000mg CBD and Manuka honey oil for support with sleep.

3. Stay heart healthy

From family barbecues to exciting breaks with friends, summer is the time when you want to get out and enjoy life. And that means looking after your heart so it’ll see you through many more seasons.

Getting heart-healthy starts with eating a balanced diet, reducing alcohol and cutting out smoking altogether. Plus there’s also excellent evidence that CBD can help your heart stay healthy. One study of 26 men showed that a seven-day CBD treatment significantly reduced blood pressure in the short-term compared to a placebo group. So its relaxing effect could be a bonus for the whole body.

4. Relieving pain

Summer stings and sores are best treated through medicine or a natural remedy like aloe vera. But studies show that CBD oil can be effective for treating pain which may strike on holiday, like back-aches or sun-burn.

In one 2020 study, researchers gave CBD topically to a group of patients with conditions linked to nerve damage (another group got a placebo). Results showed a significant reduction in intense, sharp pains and cold, itchy sensations in those who used the CBD.

Brands have responded with innovative topical CBD products you can use straight on the skin. For example, Manuka Pharm’s Intense Rub Ease Gel contains 1000mg of CBD, alongside healing rosemary and Manuka honey.
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