Does CBD help you relax?

Guest post by

Mark Dale

Mark lives by the sea and writes about natural products, health and wellbeing for a wide range of publications.

Author views are not our own.

Does CBD help you relax?

Guest post by

Mark Dale

Mark lives by the sea and writes about natural products, health and wellbeing for a wide range of publications.

Author views are not our own.

Feeling relaxed?

Then you’re in a good place. Learning to relax has a host of health benefits, from aiding positive thinking to boosting decision-making and memory. Feeling chilled also gradually slows your heart rate and can reduce blood pressure too.

Of course, in a hectic, hyper-connected world slowing down can be difficult. Which is why many people are trying CBD in oils or supplements. But does it really work?

Luckily, there’s lots of research into CBD – with more on the way. So here’s the evidence so far…

1. People are sharing how it works for them

From Kim Kardashian to Gwyneth Paltrow, many celebrities are evangelical about CBD, citing its relaxing properties. Many journalists have also gone online to share their experiences (1) on the latest health trend.

So there’s strong anecdotal evidence out there on how CBD can be relaxing. And the science is just starting to catch up too. One study review on CBD explained that “evidence points towards a calming effect for CBD in the central nervous system.”

As yet there are no studies focused solely on this relaxing effect. But that doesn’t mean it’s not noticeable. It’s more down to the fact that scientists tend to focus on tangible problems (like insomnia or excess pain) rather than effects alone. As CBD becomes more popular expect to see more research onto this area.

2. CBD may help you sleep

After anxiety, sleep problems are the second biggest reason (3) people choose to use CBD.

And with good reason. There’s emerging evidence underlining the idea that it can help us get more high-quality shut-eye. For example, one study (4) showed that ‘sleep scores’ improved in 66.7% of patients when they were given CBD. These sleep scores related to how easily they fell asleep and their ability to stay asleep too.

This points to the fact that CBD could be a positive part of your unwinding ritual, especially when used in a relaxing bath. Try the Manuka Pharm CBD and Manuka honey bath oil for a soothing and relaxing wind-down.

3. CBD may help tackle anxiety…

Anxiety is the enemy of tranquillity. It leaves us on high alert and ready to activate our fight or flight responses – putting relaxation firmly out of the equation. If your relaxation goal is to tackle anxiety, then there’s emerging evidence CBD could help.

For example, there’s evidence CBD helped people taking part in a study reduce anxiety before performing a difficult task. Scientists are now keen to study the benefits for people living with anxiety disorders too. A key study (5) found that CBD has ‘considerable potential as a treatment for anxiety-related conditions’.

For more information on anxiety, see our blogs from Anna Mather – link to 3. AM_6 key signs that you have anxiety

4….but it won’t get you high (or stoned)

It’s understandable you might believe that CBD brings on a buzz. After all, the plant that CBD comes from (cannabis) is well-known for its intoxicant effects.

But here’s the thing: it’s the THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) in cannabis that creates that high. When isolated, however, CBD can’t get you stoned. Which also means that’s it’s legal to buy and sell in the UK – just make sure you get from a reputable stockist so you can be sure of its contents.
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